Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb 2021

6.40 /10
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When Maya, a headstrong little bee, and her best friend Willi, rescue an ant princess they find themselves in the middle of an epic bug battle that will take them to strange new worlds and test their friendship to its limits.



Willi (voice)

Rumba (voice)

Bumbulus (voice)

Queen (voice)

Henchie (voice)

Boof (voice)

Επίσημος τίτλος:

Maya the Bee: The Golden Orb









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Release Date:

07 / 01 / 2021



Mark Cendrowski

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Willi (voice)

Rumba (voice)

Bumbulus (voice)

Queen (voice)

Henchie (voice)

Boof (voice)

Arnie (voice)

Chomp (voice)

Barney (voice)

Crawley (voice)

Maya (voice)

Flip (voice)

Miss Cassandra (voice)

Weeble (voice)

Interpreter (voice)

Colonel (voice)

Lief Cutterson (voice)


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