The Ogglies: Welcome to Smelliville 2021

7.60 /10
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The Oggly family arrive at the municipal rubbish dump of Smelliville and must look for a new home, but they never feel really welcome anywhere. They stink and are for most humans just a tad too oggly. When Firebottom, the family dragon, crash-lands on the run-down rubbish tip of the small town of Smelliville, the Ogglies at once feel at home. And it's here they want to stay.



Mothy (voice)

Mothy (voice)

Lotta (voice)

Oggly Dad / Firebottom / Francesco / Workman #3 (voice)

Oggly Mum / Navigation Voice (voice)

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Release Date:

01 / 01 / 2021



Mark Cendrowski

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Mothy (voice)

Mothy (voice)

Lotta (voice)

Oggly Dad / Firebottom / Francesco / Workman #3 (voice)

Oggly Mum / Navigation Voice (voice)

Oggly Grandma (voice)

Oggly Grandpa / Mr Hammer / Mr Gurnard / Workman #4 (voice)

Oggly Baby / Mrs Miller / Reporter / Mother in Park (voice)

Olchi-Mama (voice)

Olchi-Papa (voice)

Foamworthy / Mayor / Mr Spoke / Newsreader / Workman #5 (voice)

Lady Mayoress / Mrs De Oderant (voice)

Girl in Park (voice)

Taxi Driver / Workman #1 / Workman #2 (voice)


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