My Little Pony: A New Generation 2021

8.20 /10
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Equestria's divided. But a bright-eyed hero believes Earth Ponies, Pegasi and Unicorns should be pals — and, hoof to heart, she’s determined to prove it.



Sunny Starscout (voice)

Izzy Moonbow (voice)

Hitch Trailblazer (voice)

Pipp Petals (voice)

Zipp Storm (voice)

Sprout (voice)

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My Little Pony: A New Generation









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Release Date:

23 / 09 / 2021



Mark Cendrowski

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Sunny Starscout (voice)

Izzy Moonbow (voice)

Hitch Trailblazer (voice)

Pipp Petals (voice)

Zipp Storm (voice)

Sprout (voice)

Phyllis (voice)

Queen Haven (voice)

Alphabittle (voice)

Argyle (voice)

Rarity (voice)

Twilight Sparkle (voice)

Fluttershy / Pinkie Pie (voice)

Applejack / Rainbow Dash

Toots / Thunder / Jasper / Pegasus Guard (voice)

Sweets (voice)

Zoom (voice)

Sprout Singing Voice (voice)

Dazzle Feather / Mayflower / Confused Mom (voice)

Skye Silver / Glitter Cupcake / Comet Tail (voice)

Sparkle Chaser / Rob the Pony / Wings (voice)

Kid Earth Pony 1 / Pippsqueak 1 (voice)

Pegasus Fan (voice)

Balloon Pony / Unicorn Father / Worker Pony 1 (voice)

Beatnik Unicorn / Pegasus Concert Goer / Tram Driver (voice)

Announcer Pony (voice)

Bunnies (voice)

Unicorn Kid (voice)


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