Schindler's List 1993

8.60 /10
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The true story of how businessman Oskar Schindler saved over a thousand Jewish lives from the Nazis while they worked as slaves in his factory during World War II.




Oskar Schindler

Itzhak Stern

Amon Göth

Emilie Schindler

Poldek Pfefferberg

Helen Hirsch

Επίσημος τίτλος:

Schindler's List






22.000.000 €


321.365.567 €





Σύνολο ψήφων:


Release Date:

30 / 11 / 1993



Mark Cendrowski

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Oskar Schindler

Itzhak Stern

Amon Göth

Emilie Schindler

Poldek Pfefferberg

Helen Hirsch

Wiktoria Klonowska

Marcel Goldberg

Julian Scherner

Rolf Czurda


Albert Hujar

Danka Dresner

Mila Pfefferberg

Leo Rosner

Josef Bau

Rabbi Menasha Lewartow

Diana Reiter

Julius Madritsch

Rudolf Höß

Dieter Reeder

Josef Mengele

Josef Leipold

Girl in Red

Wilek Chilowicz

Herman Toffel

Leo John

Juda Dresner

Chaja Dresner

Mordecai Wulkan

Mrs. Nussbaum

Henry Rosner

Manci Rosner

Chaim Nowak

Goeth's Girl

Mr. Nussbaum

Rebecca Tannenbaum

Nuisa Horowitz

Garage mechanic

Mr. Löwenstein

DEF foreman

irrational woman

Regina Perlman

Mietek Pemper



Club singer

Nightclub maître d’

Treblinka Commandant

Montelupich Colonel

Waffen-SS officer

Wilhelm Kunde

Dr. Blancke

DEF SS Officer

SS Sgt. Kunder

Auschwitz guard

Auschwitz guard

Auschwitz guard

Brinnlitz guard

Gestapo officer

Gestapo officer

Waffen-SS man

Gestapo officer

SS bureaucrat

Ukranian guard

Gestapo clerk Klaus Tauber

Border guard

German clerk

Toffel’s secretary

Scherner’s secretary

Czurda’s secretary

Czurda’s girl

Polish girl

Brinnlitz man

Brinnlitz girl

Russian officer

Plaszow depot SS guard


Ghetto woman

Ghetto woman

Old Jewisch woman

Old Ghetto man

Depot prisoner

Clerk at depot

Black marketeer

Black marketeer

Black marketeer

Ghetto doctor

frantic woman

Stable boy


Man in pharmacy

NCO Plaszow


Clara Sternberg

Maria Mischel

Ghetto girl

Ghetto girl

Ghetto man

Ghetto man

ksiądz w Brinnlitz

Montelupich prisoner

Depot master

Plaszow SS guard

Plaszow SS guard

Plaszow guard

Plaszow SS guard

Plaszow SS guard

Plaszow Jewish girl

Plaszow Jewish girl

Plaszow Jewish girl


young woman

Himself—Schindler mourner

little Jewish boy

[obsada aktorska] (nie występuje w napisach)

Himself—Schindler mourner

Himself—Schindler mourner

Herself—Schindler mourner

German girl

Jewish boy

Worker in factory

Dolek Horowitz

Brinnlitz Man


ss-man, uczestnik likwidacji getta

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