Un genio en apuros 1983

2.90 /10
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Not published writer, a sculptor who does not expose, a filmmaker who does not make movies ... amateur and professional around anything. His daughter, which is to care, is the only one who understands. A film producer who bombarded daily with an overview, each more extravagant reproaches his fantasy and challenges to look carefully for 24 hours whichever comes around to check that everything that happens follows a rigorous logic .




Επίσημος τίτλος:

Un genio en apuros









Σύνολο ψήφων:


Release Date:

17 / 10 / 1983



Mark Cendrowski

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Hermano de Durán

Invitada de honor

Marisa / Rilka

Director del banco


Lider banda hombres de negro

Hombre de negro #1


Madre de Durán

Cuñada de Durán

Empleado del barco

Dueño de la productora

Mujer confesándose

Lider banda hombres gabardinas

Hombre garbardina #1

Alcalda de Las Palmas


Oficial que llama por telefono al capitán

Oficial del barco #1

Empleada del banco

Cotilla barco #1

Chica detenida en barco

Empleado parking barco

Hombre de negro #2

Policía en el barco


Hombre gabardina #2

Oficial de puente

Hombre que dice 'Si'


Ladrón de coches

Doctor Julià


Hombre sellos

Empleado del barco



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