Sky Sharks 2020

5.20 /10
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A team of Arctic geologists stumble across an abandoned laboratory in which the Nazis developed an incredible and brutal secret weapon during the final months of WW2. Deep in the ice, they accidentally awake a deadly army of flying zombie sharks ridden by genetically mutated, undead super-humans, who are unleashed into the skies, wreaking their bloodthirsty revenge on any aircraft that takes to the air. An elite task force is assembled to take on this deadly threat and stop the Sky Sharks from conquering the air, but as time runs out, the task force realises they will have to fight fire with fire, and the stage is set for the greatest flying super-mutant zombie shark air battle the world has ever seen....



Natalie Rochefort

Marjorie Phelps

Major General Frost

Michael Morel

Kifo Mleta

Sidney Scott

Επίσημος τίτλος:

Sky Sharks






5.920.000 €





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Release Date:

07 / 10 / 2020



Mark Cendrowski

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Natalie Rochefort

Marjorie Phelps

Major General Frost

Michael Morel

Kifo Mleta

Sidney Scott

Father Rodriguez


Dr. Gage Creed

Mother Mary

Heidi Lönz

Hans Leiber

Godfrey Graves

Klaus Richter

Joseph Langner

Leon Kramer

Rainer Wein


J.J. Jackson

Fumiko Katsube


Camera Guy Mad Dog


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